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    Finding education apps


      Searching for "apps" in Engage yields a number of great finds.  You may tumble across a blog post or two from Deb Norton, or the Intel Teach Live Webinar: App Overload from last year or the sharing of Beyond Pen and Paper that shares three note-taking apps. Regardless of what your search results yield you were probably looking for something specific and I have a tool to share with you that can help your search.


      The K-12 Blueprint recently launched the  Windows* and Chromebook* App Finder The finder allows you filter Windows and Chrome apps by grade level, purpose and subject matter. What I like about the finder is that it shows you if something is readily available on both platforms or if there is a web version.  This is helpful if you have students who are bringing their own device to school.


      Explore the App Finder. Did you find what you were looking for?  Is there a "must-have" app that is missing?  Comment and share your thoughts.

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          An app search engine is a great idea if you are able to use the "right" key words to find the resources that you are looking for.  I typed reading comprehension and reading in the search engine and found one app; "Learning in Context: Reading Comprehension".  How can the search engine be used to find more app from which to analyze for use?

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            I am excited about the App Finder. I often turn to Kathy Schlock's Bloomin' Apps. Her recommendations are based on Bloom's Taxonomy. Lists are found for: iPad, Android, Online Tools, and Google Apps. The page also includes a brief "alignment" image aligning Bloom categories to the SAMR model.


            I usually must look at the online tool options to use with Windows machines. I was VERY pleased to find Code Writer in my first search. I plan to share the tool with other teachers in my building.