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    Makers Showcasing by students of Army Public School at FDRC


      Dear Friends ,

      FDRC has been privileged to showcase the creativity , critical thinking and designing skills of the students of  APS Delhi Cantt, APS Shankar Vihar and APS Dhaula Kuan . These children worked on the Genuino 101 boards, APS DC made a project called EVA using the INTEL GEnuino 101 board and water sensors to show how the water needs of the palnts could be filled by itself in the absence of the owner using the Arduino board,

      APS Dhaula Kuan mad two interesting projects one  on Noise pollution , They used the INTEL GEnuino 101 board and using the sound sensor created an excel sheet that demonstrated the noise level in the classroom . Now the principal has said they will use it in the corridor for  noise pollution.

      APS Dhaula kuan also had anothe interesting project in which before pulping any fruit the fruit has to be cut and checked consuming time and effort andmanual labor so they devised a model that detects whether the fruit is fresh even to be cut and pureed or not. A fruit detector again using the Genuino boards.

      APS Shankar vihar had done a project with me in which we made the Smiley time trackker and another project on which we are still working the moisture detector .



      Here are some pics of the same DSC_0461.JPGDSC_0606.JPGDSC_0467.JPGDSC_0466.JPG