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    How do you capture "Snapshots" of the Learning Process?


      More teachers and educators are utilizing flexible learning spaces which sometimes can mean that students can participate in classroom activities without physically being in the classroom. How do you capture quick snapshots of student's and or participant's learning? 


      I have used  Wordle, Kahoot and Today's Meet to conduct pre and or post assessments of learners. My new favorite is AnswerGarden


      I love AnswerGarden because it takes about 3 minutes to setup and ask a quick assessment question. There is no registration required for the facilitator or the learner. It limits the responses to quick 40/20 characters, which I can integrate as a quick teachable moment and connect the 40 characters to the 140 character used on Twitter. I also use AnswerGarden as a brainstorming tool. And finally, I have a digital artifact of the learning that has taken place that can be shared with the learners when everything is complete.


      What are some other quick and easy tools that you use with your students or with adult learners to capture snapshots of their learning experiences.