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    Ask an Intel® Education Expert about Elements


      Our Intel® Education experts are here to answer your questions regarding implementation and pedagogy of the Intel® Teach Elements Courses.


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          Julia, The NY ITA is ready to craft an Elements Assessment in the 21st Century Moodle. When we put together our Project Based Approaches Moodle we were able to download the files with a username and password from: http://www.clarity-innovations.com/download/. That link appears to be down. Can you direct me to these files? Many thanks.

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            Julia, Bonnie Feather and I are also getting ready to craft an Elements Assessment in Moodle. Would Bonnie and I be able to have the same access as Tom?



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                Happy you're interested and asking!


                If you're an Education Agency (like NYIT), first step is to submit a License Agreement. Register at the Facilitation Registration Site and follow the steps for Option 2: https://teachonline.intel.com/elements. After your License Agreement is approved, you're given access to download the course files to host and a "sample Moodle course" to base your LMS design on if you wish. [For Assessment, I didn't include the direct download link  - just a link to request the files from me - because i want to be sure you know you're receiving the "not quite final" version that doesn't have tracking. I can give you that version or you can wait for the final with tracking.]

                Note: we now have a license agreement that covers an agency for all Elements courses - once you have that approved, you just need to email Customer Support to let them know you'd like another course (check the top of your license agreement - if it mentions "Project-Based Approaches", download the general version from https://teachonline.intel.com/elements.


                If you're an Educator, register at https://teachonline.intel.com/elements and follow steps for Option 1. This is how you receive the Facilitation Guide, a link to report your teachers trained,  and access to the end of training surveys. You are also welcome to create any materials you wish to support your facilitation - and we hope you'll share your resources here in the community for others... Does anyone have a good Moodle (or other LMS) course to share (one that points to the course files on Intel's servers)? Neil: i think this is what you're looking for, right?


                Please direct any of your colleages to the Facilitation Registration site - https://teachonline.intel.com/elements - if they want the Facilitation Guide (don't share copies).

                We're supposed to know who is using which versions, and can only do that if people register.


                Hint: if you hurry - you can request a "Facilitator's Kit" (it's a hunt - see if you can find the link).

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                    Hello Alison,

                    I am a faculty at CSULA and last year we were given access to all the files for the Intel teach elements so that we can upload it to our moodle. But we did not get the mobile learning course. Where can I go to download the zipped file for that so that we can upload it our LMS?

                    thank you!



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                        Hi Manisha,  You should still have access to the private group for hosting Elements:  Hosting Files for Intel Teach Elements Courses  The very first link in takes you to a page to download zips of all the Elements course files, including the two mobile learning courses.  This group also contains instructions for integrating in your LMS system.


                        If you do not have access to the group, it may be that another person at your organization completed the license process and was given access to download?  If so, you can go to the Elements Facilitation toolkit:  Intel Teach Elements Facilitation Toolkit   and at the bottom left of the page is a link to request to be added as another contact under and existing license.  (If you did not get a license originally, you can follow a link to complete the licensing process from this same area.)

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                            Hello Anne, Thanks for your response. I have Adee Williams who has access to the courses at my university. However, I am not able to get hold of it. I also filled out the form to give me access to it but still have not received anything. I am wondering if I can use some guest username and password to get in so that I can download the mobile learning course. We are offering the course on monday and I just realized that this is the only course I don't have. What do you recommend I do?



                            PS: And yes we do have the liscence agreement already as we have all the courses

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                      How does one save their progress in the action plan?


                      I have logged-in through Engage started the Project Based Approaches course but none of the checks are saved after completing the activity.  Also, I am hoping that after learning how to save my progress, the course will start where I have left off and I will not have to traverse through all the pages again.


                      Will there be an official history of the courses completed (other than the action plan document that is created during the course) that can be presented to a supervisor?

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                          Barry, I haven't used the Elements for awhile, but I ran into the same problems.  I don't know if that is the way the system is set up, or just a glitch in the course.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.



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                            I have never been able to save my progress in Elements either. I am guessing because there is no actual login, you can't save the progress. My participants are completing the facilitated course through Blackboard, so they have that as a record. Does that make sense?

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                              Hi Barry,

                              Here's how tracking is intended to work :


                              The course menu shows modules you have visited and completed. This tracking is stored in a Flash-based cookie that will display completed items in the menu when you return to the course if you access the course from the same computer. If you use a different computer, you will not see your items checked off. The cookie tracking is set to expire after 2 weeks of no access to the course. Also, the course does not keep track of your quiz answers. Quizzes were not intended as a test to "pass" the course, just a self check for understanding.


                              (I said "intended" above, because this is true for Project Based Approaches, will be true for Assessment soon, and will be true for Collaboration in November -  they are fixing it for us as quickly as they can).


                              Jill is exactly right, we don't have a database (you don't log in to the course on www.intel.com/education/elements), so we can't offer more sophisticated tracking.


                              Other organizations offer facilitated Elements courses, as Jill mentions - and we hope you'll find their courses to receive credit they offer. If you know your Intel Teach Affiliate, that's a good way to find support (if you don't know who your ITA is, you can to to www.intel.com/education/teach/getinvolved and select your state.)


                              Thank you,



                            • Elements Assessment
                              Bonnie Feather

                              I just returned from the Summit, and did not bring this up there.  I guess it had just not quite "gelled" for me yet.


                              I am beginning the third module of my second time through Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms.  I do find it almost embarrassing to tell my learners, after learning so much about why formative assessment is so useful, that there is no rubric for the Action Plan.


                              There is a discussion Checklist, but in facilitating this time, I have taken that and developed it into a more robust Rubric.  I feel that I can provide more specific feedback to my learners about their contributions with a rubric.  I am going to undertake the task of working out a rubric for the Action Plan tomorrow (getting a start, anyway) and would love it there are others who might assist.  I believe these documents should be a part of the Facilitation Guide, for this course certainly, but also for other Elements courses.


                              If the course is to be facilitated, I believe any facilitator would want such documents.


                              Anyone?  What do you think?  I'd love some feedback on what I've developed.



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                                  Bonnie, this is an interesting concern and so glad you brought it up.  It got me thinking of something that the content development team has debated (mildly) in the past--should there be rubrics for journals?  One side of the discussion is that the journal is considered a personal tool as is an Action Plan, personal tools are not something that you give or get a score on.  How can someone else determine the value or a score another person's plans for action (or journal entries)? The other perspective says, "Why not? a rubric or checklist can be just as personal to support reflection or peer feedback (if desired) on one's own planning process." Our first course to use an Action Plan, the original Leadership Forum, took the first viewpoint and did not include a rubric for the action plan. We proceded to follow that direction with the Elements course and did not really revisit the idea, that I recall.  


                                  All that said, I think that a checklist for an action plan (standard in the facilitator guide, as you suggested) is appropriate and could offer a middle ground approach--it would be a tool to help someone review and commit to their actions.  Items that make sense to me include: completeness, feasiblity of plan, level of stakeholder support, alignment with current inititiatives and policy, etc.  If facilitators wanted to turn the checklist to a rubric, we'd encourage facilitators to use it to support participants in reviewing, reflecting, and selecting levels for themselves and describe how they might improve their plans.


                                  Would be great to hear from other opinions and suggestions on this.  Thanks.

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                                    We are very interested in developing rubrics for the action plan and discussions.


                                    Have you done any more work here?  I think the Elements courses need these if we ever hope to model what the courses are all about.


                                    A checklist on the action plan would be appropriate but we are providing college credit for these courses and a rubric for the discussions seem to be a must????