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    ISTE 2010 Valuable Workshops

      I attended two workshops that will help me when I return to my district.


      Grant Writing by Dr. Sheryl Abshire.  Great tips to help with future applications.


      Learning.com has a new product to train students on Internet Safety.  Their new tool will provide an engaging process in which to train our students as well as meet the CIPA requirements mandated by the Schools and Libraries eRate program.

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          We use Learning.com at our 3-5 school.  It has a pre-test and post-test as well.  The lessons are good.  The students move through the lessons the entire year, repeating those they did not master.  I try to keep up with the lessons that the majority misses.  Then, I go to their tech class and do some remediation to help them master the content.  For the most part, they do pretty good. 

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            Jana, first of all, welcome to the community.  Thank you for the information about the Internet Safety training offered through Learning.com.  I do some Internet Safety training with my job and I am always on the lookout for new sources.  Thanks.