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    Getting Students Energized for Learning


      This month’s theme is all about reimagining learning spaces for student success. Once you have thought through the physical environment of your classroom, it’s time to think about how students interact and “Get Active” in their space. Below are three of my favorite tools and strategies to get kids up, energized, moving, and engaged.


      What are some ways that you get kids energized for and during learning?



      Go Noodle is hands down my favorite way to get energized for learning. Not only is it fun, but it is also FREE! GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day. In fact, science says that our classrooms need more dance parties. Need more proof? Check out this post: Neuroscience for Teachers: Applying the Research

      Get them up and moving (while learning)

      This infographic from Lisa Westman lists some great ways to get students up and moving.

      Two of my favorite ways to get kids up and moving (while learning) include Scoot and QR Scavenger hunts. Both of these strategies can be adapted to any age level or content area.


      Scoot is a whole-class educational game that your students will love. Place a question card on each desk in your classroom. To play, students move around the room, from desk to desk, answering questions or solving problems. Here is post about how to get started.

      The most updated version of scoot includes a digital twist. My district is a Google Apps For Education (GAFE) district so when this idea to use Google Slides for Scoot, I was intrigued. I haven’t used this version yet but have loved playing the “old school” way so I am excited to try this way with students.

      QR Scavenger Hunts:

      QR (Quick Response) codes can seem kind of old school, but I would argue that they still have their time/place in classrooms today. I love utilizing them to create self checking activities and QR Scavenger Hunts. There is a thrill that can be heard when I primary student scans a QR code. I love the engagement and movement that happens. Here is a FULL page of QR Code resources from Cybraryman. I especially love the QR Hunt Generator.

      Build a Classroom Community

      Building a classroom community is so important. According to Edutopia, “By working to turn classes into communities, school becomes more than a series of tasks and is instead a place where people feel a sense of belonging, value, and inspiration.”

      As educators, we must realize that if we want students to “learn the content” we HAVE to build relationships first. We must create an environment in which students feel valued as individuals, and connected to their teacher and to each other. 

      My two favorite ways to build a classroom community are through Team Challenges and Morning Meetings.

      Team Challenges:

      My teacher mentor always says that people who giggle together can learn together. That’s why I love presenting student teams with Team Challenges that allow them to work together, problem solve, and communicate. Here are a few of my favorite from Pinterest.


      Morning Meetings:

      Lisa Dabbs writes that morning meetings help:

      • Set the tone for respectful learning
      • Establish a climate of trust
      • Motivate students to feel significant
      • Create empathy and encourage collaboration
      • Support social, emotional and academic learning

      One of my favorite resources to use when getting started with morning meetings is this book. It includes 80 easy-to-do, that help you to plan engaging, purposeful Morning Meetings for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. There is also an intermediate version that can be found here.


      What are some ways that you get kids energized for and during learning?

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          Go Noodle is one of my all time favorite sites to get students engaged, motivated and to help them settle down. I must admit I love using the site as a workout myself.  I am not sure that I like the idea of going from computer to computer while playing scoot.  I think it would be cool if students shared the resource through google drive instead. I really love the pinterest STEM activities and will incorporate many of them in the STEM club that we are starting at the school. What a wonderful group of resources! Wouldn't it be neat if we could use some of the resources and complete with class groups from other school systems? I'm Game.  Anyone interested?

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            I'm not familiar to any of this but it's a helpful activities to be done inside the classroom to energize the learners