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    Intel at ISTE 2010

      I was very impressed with Intel's presence at the conference.  At the exhibitor's booth, all associates were friendly and helpful.  I was not very knowlegeable about what Intel has to offer in the area of education. I was excited to hear about their resources. I attended lab sessions on Wednesday.  I was able to learn more information about Intel's resources from Vanessa Jones (Kudos Vanessa!!!)  One of the best things about their resources is that they are free!

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          that is great Tamika- thanks for coming to our booth and workshop and we look forward to working more with you in the future! Welcome to our learning community

          Paige Johnson

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            Tamika, I totally agree with your assessment of the Intel presence at iste2010.  Another great reason to use the Intel Teach courses is that they are all standards based and really help the teacher focuse on what is important in the classroom--student achievement.  I have seen classroom and teachers totally transformed after completing an Intel course and then implementing it in their classroom.   Which of the Intel courses have you taken and what did you find the most challenging area in the course?



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                I have not taken any of the courses yet.  The Intel experience is all new for me.  I will begin Assessment in the 21st Century Classrooms on July 6th. I am excited and looking forward to it!

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                    Tamika, I would be interested in your opinion of the Assessment training of Elements.  I will be working with another SI here in AZ on that project and would love to hear what you have to say.  What did you like the best and why?   What did you like the least and why?  How could the course have been more engaging for you?  Did you take the course online, facilitated with a group face to face or did you just use the DVD?


                    Having said that, I know the course if fantastic and it truly is one of the best around.  Keep in touch.


                    Have you taken the PBL in Elements yet?



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                      This is also my first Intel course.  I am excited about learning and incorporating everything I have learned into my classroom.

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                        I am in the same boat!  I have been selected to have a demonstration classroom next fall and will be doing project based learning.  I am really excited!  I plan to participate in as much training as possible!  This is my first online course, but am sure many more are in my future!

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                      Welcome to the Engage community Tamika.  Yes, Vanessa is one of the greatest gals we have.  Be sure to check out our monthly webinars to see what other goodies Vanessa has to share.  Yep, those are free, too.

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                        Bonnie Feather

                        How wonderful it is to know that the Intel presence at ISTE both intrigued you and got you involved in the Engage community.  At least, that's what I THINK got you involved here!  I hope you are finding the community as rich a resource as I do!  I come here often to find out the latest, greatest regarding technology integration- not just Intel!  You will see that the group of educators here are eager to share back and forth as they journey down the road of education, integrating new technologies all the way!


                        Be sure to check out the webinars, and invite your friends to join in the fun!

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                          I learned a lot at the conference and have posted it on my Blog:




                          Juan Orozco

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                            Hi Tamika,

                            I'm taking a class with Vanessa this month and I've learned so much aboutt the various websites and technology tools that will assist me in my classroom.  There is going to be a technology conference this month on July 26-28th and its offered by AISD.  You might want to attend.