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    What is difference between assessment  and evaluation?



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          I see Assessment as falling into two categories: formative and summative, with the goal of providing feedback to students for continual improvement. Assessment can be done by oneself, a peer, a teacher, or anyone else who could provide valuable feedback to students. Assessing students means providing positive and critical input at various points in a project; for example, the beginning: to assess students' prior understanding; the middle: to provide feedback on students' progression; and the end: to provide a summative evaluation and to give suggestions for improvement next time. Assessment tools and methods vary, such as: rubrics, checklists, conferences, notes, scoring guides, and KWL charts, for example. Evaluation is another term for summative assessment, where the goal is to give students a final score or grade - not really meant as feedback for improvement. Tests are an example of an evaluation method. Evaluation comes at the end of a project.

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            assessment means knowing the points of weakness and try to reform them and the points of strength and try to enhance them

            but evaluation means the final scores at the end of any project. in other words,it should be in the final stage