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    Online Learning

      What are your experiences with online learning/

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          Sharon - you might want to check out the discussion - thing's i heard at the ISTE online institute that may be of interest to you....


          In addition- what types of information are you looking for?  Are any of the following points that you are looking for additional information on?

          • educators that have written courses
          • online learners
          • online pedagogy
          • Learning Management Systems - ie Moodle, Blackboard, Web CT, others


          The educators that I know have a variety of experiences and if you could provide some additional details on what you are interested in- you should get lots of responses.


          Good luck

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            Sharon, I have facilitated the Intel Essentials online course.  I will be facilitating an "uplevel course" for TwT PT's to upgrade to an MT.  Most of the people I work with are still very intimidated by the online environment.  In many cases, it has been a real challenge to guide them through the course.  But, so far, the ones who have completed the training have been very successful and have created great projects.


            What experiences have you had with online learning?  Do you live in an area that is creating online content for the schools?