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    School Librarians Engage

      Do you use Teachers Engage Intel Teach Program?

      If yes please share your lessons or stories. If no I am a master teacher and can train you.

      Contact me jperry15@gmail.com

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          I know there are some really cool ways to use the Intel tools in the library. One that would come to mind is using the Visual Ranking tool for learning the dewey decimal system placement. My students always struggled with the decimal placement when shelving books. This would not only be a library skill but also a math one. You could collaborate with your math teacher on this activity.

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            To have an "Elements" moment - The PBA course does discuss Information Literacy which is a key component to any library media program. Our state has adopted our own model and librarians are hopefully using it with their teachers. I feel like the Elements course will give the librarian instructors a opportunity to spotlight the model that is being used in their district/state/school in their redelivery. What a great way to encourage teacher librarian collaboration through the implementation of the model with students. There are so many models out there so if you are interested...the most popular would be the big 6. Super 3 , 8 Ws ....there are so many more! Are you using a model in your library...please share? Do you see a connection with the PBA course? If so the how would you tie the two together?

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