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    Announcing "The K12 Engineering Education Podcast"


      Just wanted to let teachers, administrators, engineers, and others know about our new podcast on engineering education in K-12: The K12 Engineering Education Podcast, by Pios Labs.  Intel suggested that this was the right place to share this.  As far as I know it's the only podcast out (and maybe only show out) that's focused on this topic.  If you have topic suggestions to cover on the podcast, please let me know -- my contact info is on the website.


      You can listen and subscribe to the show on all the major platforms, including:


      This is totally a side project of mine from my new company (Pios Labs), which works on educational games, and not podcasting originally.  But teachers and other professionals have been pretty interested in the show, so I want to keep it up and work on it more.  Thanks for checking it out and giving me feedback!