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    thing's i heard at the ISTE online institute that may be of interest to you....

      Today I attended the ISTE online institute on virtual learning. Great keynotes from Chris Dede (Harvard) and Chris Lehmann (principal of the Science Leadership academy. There was also "table" time to talk with experts from around the world


      Here are some notable notes from my notes:


      A question to Chris Dede-

      "I heard you talk 12 years ago, have any of the opinions you stated back then changed and why?"

      Answer: "yes- I thought technology would change the world a lot less than it has-- and I thought technology would change education a lot more than it has."


      From Melinda Maddox on creating an online school system for Alabama:

      Plan for scale; ensure your g and superintendant are aligned, own the IP rights to your courses, evaluate- tweak, evaluate- rewrite, evaluate- iterate.

      I am now the president of Melinda's fan club- let me know if you would like to join.


      From Facilitating in an Online Environment:Check out the Illinois Online Learning Network. Lots of free resources to help educators teach online


      From Chris Lehmann-

      "Ideas must live in Practice"

      "Don't ask what's new- ask what's working?"

      "How do i know if one of my teachers is doing PBL? I ask- how do you assign a grade? if they say 'a test' i tell them- you are not teaching with PBL"

      "what is our country willing to put up with? I heard Arne Duncan say he supports the 'good' teachers...would we accept a general that said he would support the 'good' soldiers? All educators are passionate people that believe in making the future a better place- so let's support them"

      "if you take nothing else from this talk, take this- mind the use of your language. Don't say 'I teach physics' say instead 'I teach kids physics' - students should not be made the objects of their own learning"