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    Yes Students Should Use Social Media (But It's Our Job to Show Them How)


      Research shows we need to give students opportunities to interact appropriately on social media. If we wait to model this behavior until students get access to their own devices, it’s too late. I believe that an early foundation in digital citizenship is key to students using social media in a productive way. It is our job to show them that social media can also be used as a learning tool.


      One of my favorite resources for teaching digital citizenship is Common Sense Media. Check out more information here: Learning Pathways-October-December 2016- Digital Citizenship


      Another resource I use consistently is this collection of resources by Edutopia: Social Media | Edutopia . It shows innovative ideas for using social-media tools in the classroom and for professional development.


      For student viewing, BrainPop has some amazing Digital Citizenship clips: Search Results - BrainPOP 


      Along with modeling, I strongly believe that students should be a part of posting on social media. This doesn’t mean that they necessarily have their own social media accounts (ESPECIALLY if they are under 13), but perhaps they are a part of a class account. Check out this genius template from Alice Keeler about how you can have students tweet to a class account: Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet - Teacher Tech


      But what should students be posting? I think a great place to start would be posting about participation in a global collaboration project. Global collaboration projects are a way to teach valuable skills like digital citizenship, communication and collaboration, and research and information fluency. Check out some global collaboration project opportunities here: Connect Students With Global Projects 


      If we set a strong foundation, we can then start to move students from Digital Citizens to Digital Leaders. I love this Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth:

      What are some tips that you have or ways that you have students practice using social media appropriately?