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    Geotagging at ISTE

    Bonnie Feather

      I attended a session today (Wednesday) on geotagging images.  I am posting the link to the presenter's information. We downloaded several free tools for doing this, and you may want to as well.


      Now that I know HOW to add GIS or GPS information to my images, I would like to gather a collection of lesson ideas for how to actually use this capability in the classroom with a wide variety of students.


      My Intel buddies are the perfect resource for this!  Please add your thoughts, suggestions, and questions to this discussion.  I'm sure we will end up with a great collection!



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          Bonnie - are you looking for people to share resources and lessons in this discussion thread - or should we start a document so that we can have a bit more control over the organization or should we do both?  I too imagine that this group can come up with some amazing resources. Can't wait to see what gets shared.

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              Bonnie Feather

              When I posted this originally, I was hoping for others to share their ideas (for lessons or activities) in which they used images tagged with GIS information.  I think it's really cool, but in first grade, we didn't really use this when I had a classroom.  I expect others have thought of ways they would use geotagged images in a wide variety of projects.


              What are your ideas?