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    Join the brainstorm for new & exciting engineering lessons


      An engineering teacher and a mechanical engineer joined me in discussing brainstorming the other day for our podcast, but we also has a 10-minute session on just brainstorming engineering lessons for K-12 students.  If you're new to teaching engineering, you especially might get some useful tips from our teacher. Check it out: Better Brainstorming by The K12 Engineering Education Podcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud


      What's more interesting to me is that we also opened up our brainstorming list of ideas onto the digital tool Padlet, and so you can visit this link and add your own ideas, if our ideas spark some of your own: https://padlet.com/pioslabs/24onnj6e8r6n

      https://padlet.com/pioslabs/24onnj6e8r6n  Please feel free to add your crazy and interesting ideas for teaching engineering up there, and I'll take a look at it later and possibly revisit it if it gets big enough.  Thanks!