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    Teaching autistic students in STEM


      Hello again! For our latest podcast on engineering in K-12, I spoke with experts on autism and STEM education: Autism in the Engineering Classroom by The K12 Engineering Education Podcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud (on iTunes its: The K12 Engineering Education Podcast on iTunes)


      Dr. Jennifer Yu is a researcher who published recent studies on how most of the autistic students who go to college major in STEM fields, although a lot of autistic high schoolers don't get to college.  That inspired part of the podcast -- because if we're looking for more engineers and STEM professionals in the future, it might make sense to nurture the interests and skills of autistic students more.  I also spoke to an occupational therapist and a teacher to get more practical advice for how to approach the autism spectrum in your STEM classroom. 


      Have you noticed any patterns related to autistic students in your STEM, engineering, or computer science classrooms?  Do you have any activities or strategies that work for you when you have autistic students?