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    Looking for ENGAGING and FREE Exercises for your High School Class?




      Checkout our FREE 7-lesson packet.  It contains fun, interactive activities to prepare your students for the transition to college life. 


      This packet contains the following free lessons for you to use with your students.  They work with our WINGames also.


      1-  “Transitioning to the Dorm Life”

      2-  “Building A Balanced College Social Life”

      3-  “Avoiding Freshman Fumbles In Academic Management”

      4-  “Staying Safe and Healthy On Campus”

      5-  “Students Becoming Money Mature”

      6-  “What I Need To Success In College”

      7-  “High School Field Trip”

      Plus “Algebra Isn’t Scary It’s Fun” how-to sheet for students


      You can obtain the full 7-lesson packet at http://winmds.com

      (enter email on home page popup OR use the “send us a note” section on the contact page)


      Checkout the interactive kits also!