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      The tool I am going to share is Wallwisher - www.wallwisher.com

      Great tool for both teachers who are in a professional learning community or for teachers and students to work with in the classroom.

      So suggestions for use can be:

      • create a wall for questions about homework that studetns can post to daily
      • create a wall to capture brainstorming ideas from student groups
      • use a wall for sorting inforamtion with students during a class discussion
      • have students post suggestions for how to begin a new lesson or what topic in a unit they are interested in starting a new unit with.


      Do you have other suggestions for the use of this Web 2.0 tool? If so, reply to this message.

      If you have a new tool to share, start a new discussion!

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          Hey Shelley! Thanks for sharing this tool. I love it and use it frequently as a pre-workshop activity to engage people in conversation.


          My current prompt is something like "What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like?". Participants work to add text and images of the tools, teachers and students in motion: talking, presenting, collaborating...it's been a successful activity so far and the added bonus is that participants are being introduced to it and learning it at the same time. Lots of fun!

          Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 9.36.20 PM.png

          Some other ways we have used the tool:

          • Students create snippets of "stories" and gather them into a story line
          • Pre-filled stickies can be sorted into categories or organized for planning and my favorite:


          • Sharing session with teachers (include pictures and video) and then talking about which 21st century skills we see present!
          • Wallwisher- ST Live Webinar

            Here are some other resources for WallWisher:

            Handout on Wallwisher
            29 Ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom


            Don't forget to attend this month's ST Live Webinar, September 27th at 7:00 CST where we will showcase WallWisher and other data collecting tools. We will also do a few hands on activities using Wallwisher.