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    Problems Uploading Docs


      Okay, I need this group's help again (with many more times needed in the future I'm sure!).....


      When I upload a doc into my training groups' community space all goes well. I choose my file and upload it and I'm a happy camper. I can even see the size of the file I uploaded.  However, when I try to view, open or download the file my smile turns upside down.  When I try to perform any of the 3 options Google Docs opens and says, ever so politely, "Sorry we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing." Like I sad, very polite, but very frustrating. The file size shows "0" like it isn't there at all.  But....when I click on a "More Like This" file back in the Community space for my group, the same file, posted by others, opens up just fine!


      I am very confused.....anyone know what's going on?

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          Hi Julie! Could you provide me with the problem document to I can do some testing on this scenario? Please send to teachersengage@intel.com, attention: Theresa, and then I will report out here in this thread with the solution in case others have the same problem.

          Thanks for letting us know about this!

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              Hi Theresa,

              When I got to training the teacher could open the doc (it was the unit plan template) without any problems, so I knew it was my computer's issue.  After some investigation yesterday it turns out the PDF Reader extension I added to Chrome had a setting that automatically defaulted all docs to be opened up in Google docs. I turned it off and walla......no more issues!  Thanks for following up with me!