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    Top three things you got out of ISTE

      What are the top three ideas, websites, tools, whatever that you got from attending ISTE that would be valuable to share with others?

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          Eric, I really don't have three things, but the main idea that I took away was collaboration and communication via the "Cloud".  More and more companies are beginning to see the usefulness of the the online application.  Since many school districts block all things Google, the slack is being picked up by for profit companies that can "promise" the security that school districts need.  While I personally don't have a problem with Google, I wish those districts would start to take a serious look at Google Apps.  The bigger problem is that many IT departments in the private sector still don't allow it, and that carries over to schools, etc.


          Do you have any examples of districts that do allow Google Apps and how have they used them?



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            ISTE top 3:


            1. Student-centered trends--first year I've really noticed a reduction in the amount of exhibitors that were selling products to "protect" the school server from those pesky kids.  There were more offerings to help students use technology in meaningful ways.


            2.  Posters Rock--remember back when the poster room at a national conference had only a few people visiting and those poor, lonely presenters were there presenting an actual poster?  Well, the poster center for ISTE10 was really happening, lots of people and lots of great ideas!


            3.  Networking-I used to attend conferences to learn new things.  I still like learning, but now I really appreciate visiting with others around the nation (and world) that do what I do and have great perspectives and suggestions for our work.


            I look forward to the next ISTE! 

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              Top three ISTE...Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. It changed how participants found events, presented instant feedback about events (talk about pressure, as you present you're being tweeted about), and what to look for next.

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                Definitely for me the top three would be:


                1) Networking - lots of project partners lined up for collaboration this year.  YAY!

                2) Mouse Mischief - I know it was discussed here in community, but I hadn't seen it yet.

                3) 2D and 3D printers.  The idea of K-5 doing fabrication engineering is phenomenal. 

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                  My district's IT director came to ISTE and we found each other on the Vendor floor. He was SO excited about the 3-D projectors. As he told me how the prices were about the same as a normal LCD projector, his eyes glistened (and he was not crying!) He told me how he thought this might benefit science classrooms and gave specific examples. (I was thrilled that I did not have to tell him how it could be used.) He gave me a brochure he picked up and told me to drop by their booth. I learned the 3-D projectors can project normally as well as 3-D objects. There is a claim that these projectors improve student test scores by 30%. The IT director told me it sounded like he needed to run a pilot project to verify the claim . I quickly reminded him that I was unbiased and always willing to do a pilot project for the good of the district and our students. (He's not installed a new projector in my classroom yet .)

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                      Glen, I too was very impressed with many of the new projectors and doc cameras.  The technology and price are finally beginning to mesh.  And by the way, how magnanimous of you to offer to do the pilot.  :-)


                      I am still a little uneasy with the 30% claim from the vendor.  I hope you get to pilot the projector and then I would be very interested in hearing about achievement gains from your classroom.



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                      I would not know where to begin narrowing down all of the benefits into a list of three. However, I can mention the fact that this was the first time that I attended the State Conference, the first time I went to Denver, and the first time that I enjoyed sharing the learning experience with my daughter. She won some valuable software that she can use to learn/reinforce skills while she and I won about 7 pieces of software for me to use in the classroom. She also won an I Pod (which she did not have) and together we won a new piece of hardware too. I met many wonderful people and had a great time learning about technology that has and is becoming a vital component in the lives of people everywhere.