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    Have you met The 2 Sisters or used The Daily 5?

      I have yet to find a better resource for teachers!  These 2 ladies can help you with just about anything you need!  The public has access to some of their basic information/tools, but if you join, you have a phenomenal resource for defining The Daily 5 and for implemenation of same.  They also are wonderful with every aspect of teaching (classroom set-up, classroom management, developmentally appropriate practices...).

      Here's the link:  http://www.thedailycafe.com/

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          Rachel, great site thanks for sharing.  I had a chance to scan the free material and it looks like it would be extremely useful in the classroom.  Have you had the opportunity to use it in your class, and if so, which particular strategies did you like the best?



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              Hi Neil,


                   I'm happy you took the time to look at The 2 Sisters.  I've used The Daily 5 for 2 years now.  I have tried and used many of the strategies

              suggested by the 2 sisters.  The Daily 5 has 5 areas of focus/work (Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing and Word Work),

              where students have the opportunity to incorporate strategies that are taught and outlined in our mini Daily CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy,

              Fluency, and Expanded Vocabulary) lessons taught throughout The Daily 5 language arts block.  Each section of the Daily Cafe has its own set of

              strategies for the children to be taught and to learn.  Go to their site and look at THE CAFE MENU.   It has all the strategies listed (I've used all of them) for each category, and by clicking on any menu item, you will be provided with a corresponding video showing sample lessons teaching a particular strategy.  Furthermore, within each area of the Daily 5 the 2 sisters guide us on activities and strategies for the students to use, so they become focused and empowered learners - in charge of their own priorities and needs.  I suggest spending a little more time on the site - it is well worth your energy.

                   Also, The 2 Sisers have begun a Daily 5 for math!  This could be the answer I've been looking for over the years, in attempt to make may math block run similarly as my language arts block - allowing time for 1-on-1 student/teacher instruction.

                   I'm very fortunate to have a member on my team who works with me on providing rich activities from which to draw skills.  She and I are both in love with The 2 Sisters.