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    What a great read!


      I have been doing some research for an online class I am creating about the role of questioning in a primary classroom.  After I read this I just HAD to pass it on:  http://thereflectiveteacher.wordpress.com/2006/11/15/a-ha/


      Which lead me to read this: http://thereflectiveteacher.wordpress.com/2006/11/17/answering-questions-≠-learning/


      After reading the two blog entries I felt excited and re-energized about what I want to include in my course and the importance of the topic. I thought this was a great resource to share and see what all of you think too.

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          Julie, what a great article.  I was struck by the "The greater thing is that answering that first questions leads to even harder, more difficult questions: So, if sex is important to keep life moving, why is life important?" quote.  But, isn't that what the CFQ's are all about.  If we could just get teachers to understand that the EQ is the question that drives all others, how transformed could/would our classrooms be.


          Have you had any experiences in your classroom where by simply using the EQ drove all of the other discussion to that higher level of thinking we all work towards?