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    This is from Huaihao Zhang.......1:1 in Shanghai


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      May 9, 2010

      Jul 25, 2010
      1:1 eLearning Test in Shanghai

      Hello, I am Huaihao Zhang, in Shanghai. the below condition is we'v had in Shanghai.


      1:1 elearning test has been carried out for one and half years in Shanghai, China.  And from now on, there have been four schools in Shanghai using the computer in there class.


      After the training Shelly have done in Shanghai,  all the people invovled in the training discussed the 1:1 elearning test in Shanghai. The main problems in Shanghai are:

      • few tools and resources could be used by teachers in China. Although there are too many fatanstic tools in the www,  we have so limited tools and resources to use in Chinese, unlike USA or Any country speaking English. Maybe we could use ‘Google translator’ to translate the tools in Chinese, but we all think it's impossible for all the student use the  ‘Google translator’when they do tasks or collobrate with others.
      • Do need  a system support. After 1.5 years test, the teachers all complained about the problems the computers took. For example, where can we find the resoures we need, is there any proper tool we can use in our daily class, or who can help me when the computers have problems in my class, etc. In short, we need a professional support system.


      If you were a teacher or member in the Shanghai 1:1 Elearning Test Team, what things do you need to do for improving the situation