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    Developing Young Learners


      Tom mentioned the article that talks about the legacy of a quality kindergarten program and I find myself looking for effective tools to use with students in grades K-3. There are many primary teachers who are creating project based learning opportunities for students but there are so few places to showcase this work. What ideas do you have for teachers in the primary grades to share their work and what tools or websites do you think we should be using with young learners?

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          Margaret, If teachers are looking for an easy to use service to showcase kids' work, they might consider using eBoard. http://eboard.com/ Many schools here in New York have eBoard accounts. There's several pricing models, but individual teachers can sign-up for $39.00 a year. It creates websites built on a bulletin board metaphor. Simple clean design and super fast way to publish student work in a secure environment. The sales team is super. They'll help you with anything you need to get started.

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            Margaret, Tom has a great idea and you might also want to consider using a site like wikispaces.  I use wikispaces a lot in my work, and I love the discussion board feature that it has for each page.  What a great way to get and give feedback.



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              Kindergarten teachers have the age of their children to take into consideration. Teachers need to make sure they discuss sharing student work with parents and share how they are going to keep student information safe.  One way teachers can share is to ask their tech to create a Moodle (http://moodle.org/)course for their class.  This way teachers can provide passwords for parents in a very controlled and safe environment.  Many of my teachers use Moodle and have had great experiences with it.