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    Unit Plan- 6th grade Waves (Dangerous Decibels)

      This unit plan is designed as an intro to waves for 6th graders, based on OR state standards, with a focus on sound waves for the end problem/project.

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          It is nice to see a combination of Language Arts and Literacy in your Unit plan. I like that you are using Text2Mindmap and Glogster in the unit. Students should really enjoy these tools.


          I can only imagine how excited your students will be to use the light sensor, microphone, and sound level meter to understand waves in their lives.


          I see an engaged classroom as each group shares their information on the sound and decibel information with their intended audience. Last night's America's Got Talent demonstrated the power of sharing on YouTube. I was very impressed with the talent shared. Perhaps your students will decide on a medium that is as powerful as YouTube was last night.


          Please share how this project goes as you work with students on it.

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            Sarah, great job.  Being a "child of the 60's ", I love your Unit Question!  As I look at your Assessment timeline, I liked the Text2mindmap that you have chosen to use as a formative assessment. I seems to be a very easy to use site and I'm sure the students will enjoy working there.  As a former K-12 music teacher, I really appreciate your unit.  I especially like the kinesthetic activity at the beginning of your unit.  It not only has the physical activity,  but it has a visual connection of the wave as well.


            What specific type of sumative assessment will you be using?  I hope you will post the results of your unit and let us know how the kids responded.