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    Help Guide - Love notes


      Last night I attended my daughter’s curriculum night. She attends the middle school where both Shell Shott and I used to teach.  This summer they were updated to the Windows7 operating system and Office7.  As I was saying hello to a friend a resource teacher came up and said “oh good – just the person to help me”  And had a question about Office 7.  I shared with her and another colleague Help Guide and they were thrilled – I guess the district hasn’t provided any help with the transition.  


      My daughter is also taking computer media – the teacher is an Adobe certified teacher and is a wiz at all things Adobe – this year as her walk-in activity she is focusing on sharing Office 7 tips to help her and the students learn how to use the new Microsoft Office.  When I walked in she asked me to write some tips to share with the kids – I of course told her I could do better than that I can share with her a tool that would have all the tips she is looking for.  I shared Help Guide and she was THRILLED. 


      So what other "love" notes are out there about Help Guide?  How do you share Help Guide with other educators and students?  Share your notes here.