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    The BrainBreak Share Squad


      What is a BrainBreak? 


      It is a simple website, game, video, or resource that can be used in a training session to test connections, move between topics, or to get people/students to clear their minds at a transition point.  A BrainBreak should be somewhat trivial and fun.  They sometimes make you think or challenge you, but that is not a requirement.


      I am creating this discussion for us to share BrainBreaks with each other.


      Join the BrainBreak Squad and post a url of a BrainBreak that you use or found and perhaps share how it is helpful.


      I'll get us started with a few:





      To clear your mind (Platforms)-http://j-walkblog.com/blog/docs/platform.htm



      To consider effective and ineffective questioning (20Questions)-http://www.20q.net/



      To relax and promote problem solving (Ramps)-http://www.mostfungames.com/ramps.htm