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    Intel Teach LIVE - August 2010 - Digital Storytelling

      Link to webinar follow-up discussion thread  - http://engage.intel.com/thread/2096


      August 2010’s webinar focused on digital storytelling and the 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.  We covered:  tips for getting started, examples of great student films, and the benefits of telling stories in the classroom.  If you missed our event, here is the recap:
      • The event kicked off with a roundtable discussion over previous experiences with digital storytelling.  Surprisingly, many of us had dabbled in digital storytelling.
      • We held two different interviews with experts in digital storytelling - Robert Chavez and Humberto Perez.  These amazing men walked us through their experiences and gave tips on how to be successful and how to avoid pitfalls.
      • Robert Chavez focused on how 21st Century skills are met through digital storytelling.  He focused on iPods, iTunes, and how stories give each child a voice.
      • Humberto Perez gave us wonderful information on effective editing to create a great film. Did you know that modern most films have editing cuts every two to three seconds?  It’s true! 
      We want to thank Robert, Humberto, everyone who attended, and those who are actively supporting the community discussion. We are hoping to run this webinar again, so if you didn’t get a chance to attend it live the first time, we’d love to have you in Round 2.


      Everyone is invited to the September 27,  2010 (5pm PDT)  Webinar - Collaborative Communication Tools featuring Wallwisher.  We’ll tour some of the easiest Web 2.0 tools that allows students to communicate and gather data quickly and effectively.