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    Technology Integration in the Fine Arts Classroom


      How do you help Fine Arts teachers to integrate technology into their classroom?  I have found that this is a difficult audience to target, and most integration workshops I teach focus primarily on core subject areas - science, math, and language arts.  But, I occasionally get music and art teachers that are eager to integrate online resources and other technology into their classroom.


      I just taught a workshop last weekend, and there was a high school music teacher and middle school art teacher in the audience, who both complained that there are rarely any workshops offered specifically for them.  This particular workshop was about our state's online library resources, and they were able to find some articles about musicians and art history; however, they also wanted to find any Web 2.0 tools or other interactive websites to engage their students.  I showed them the Arts Edge website, which has some great websites and lesson plans ideas - http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/


      What other resources are available for this audience?  What other ideas do you have for integrating technology into the Fine Arts?