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    I'm going to DC and I am here to help- Join the conversation?

      The challenge of fusing the three Rs and the four Cs—critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation—is more urgent than ever. From September 20-October 5, 2010, we welcome your participation in this Cyber Summit on 21st Century Readiness.


      There are several free webinars leading up to the Summit and some great discussions at http://www.weareteachers.com/community/p21-cyber-summit- join us!


      Next Tuesday (oct 5th) I will be in DC - with a delegation from the Mexican Secretariat of Education- attending the National Summit. My team has asked me (challenged me?) to post during the event. Come be with me "virtually' to share your thoughts or ideas.


      Below are the agenda items- if you want me to raise your comments, questions, concerns- drop me a note.


      I recommend you tune in real time to watch Sarah Brown-Wessling, the national teacher of the year, give her presentation. She rocks!



      8:45-9:30 Summit Welcome and Opening Keynote, Palladian Ballroom

      Julie Walker, AASL Executive Director and P21 Chair

      Bob Regan, Adobe Director of Worldwide Primary and Secondary Education and P21 Summit Chair

      9:30-10:30 Opening Plenary – COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS Palladian Ballroom

      Moderator:  Jonathan Karl, Senior Congressional Correspondent – ABC News

                                      Panel Members:

      ·         Ed Reilly – President and CEO - American Management Association

      ·         Peter McPherson – President - Association of Public Land-Grant Universities

      ·         Karen Pittman, Co-Founder, President and CEO - Forum for Youth Investment

      ·         Connie Yowell – Director of Education Grantmaking - MacArthur Foundation


      10:30AM-10:45AM Break – move to breakout sessions

      10:45AM-11:45AM Momentum Sessions (Break-Outs)

      Leading States - Executive Room


      ·         Helen Soule, P21 Director of State Partner Program

      ·         Dr. Terry Holliday,  Kentucky Commissioner of Education

                                    Leading Districts – Room Congressional A


      ·         Ken Kay, P21 President

      ·         Jack Dale, Superintendent  - Fairfax County Public Schools

                                    Leading Education Models            Room- Congressional B


      ·         Andy Rothstein, Chief Academic Officer - National Academy Foundation

      ·         Jeff Beard, Chief Executive Officer - International Baccalaureate

                                    Core Academic Subjects and 21st Century Skills –Governor’s Room


      ·         Valerie Greenhill, P21 Director of Strategic Initiatives

      ·         Susan Van Gundy, NSDL/NSTA

      11:45AM-12:00PM    Return to Palladian Ballroom

                  1:15PM-2:45PM Second Plenary – ESEA REAUTHORIZATION AND THE 4Cs Palladian Ballroom

                                            Keynote and Moderator:  Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director - CCSSO

                            Panel Members:

      ·         Dr. Steve Paine, West Virginia Superintendent of Schools

      ·         Matthew Hussey, Education Advisor, Office of Senator Olympia Snowe (Invited)

      ·         Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President for Education


      2:45PM-3:00PM                Break    Palladian Foyer               


      3:00PM-3:30PM                Speaker – Barry O’Callaghan,  CEO of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

                                                      Preparing Students for 21st Century Success      


      3:30PM-4:00PM                Speaker -Sarah Brown-Wessling, National Teacher of the Year                

      Worthy Learning:  Students are Worth the Learning that is Worth Doing


      4:00PM-4:15PM                Closing Remarks, Palladian Ballroom