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    Facilitator’s Backpack Episode 3: The Spear of PBL Inspiration



      As we all know, project-based learning is the cornerstone to all Intel Teach courses and resources.  It’s exciting to watch teachers brainstorm, collaborate, and develop wonderful projects for their classrooms. 


      For this discussion , we are curious to know what additional resources, videos, links, etc. you share to help teachers build a digital toolbox of PBL in action?  Perhaps you have an inspiring video?  Case study?  PBL graphics?  Project websites?  Places to connect for global collaboration?


      Every contribution is entered into the drawing for a wireless headset - perfect for creating your own PBL resources or partnerships.


      Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can only ship prizes within the U.S. but the contents of this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach trainer worldwide, so please help build a solid set of tips for everyone.  We look forward to your contributions.

      Note: The incentivized discussion period has concluded. A drawing was held and the winner was notified.