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    Virtual field trips


      What have you experienced about virtual field trips? Do you have a favorite resource or site that you want to share?

      Please share your resources.

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          Bonnie Feather

          When I first learned about making placemarkers in GoogleEarth and saving to a KMZ file, I was really excited but I knew there would be a problem for schools where bandwidth was an issue.  I had a recent session with Alice Christie where she showed her site about Google Treks, which uses Google Maps, and therefore less bandwidth than Google Earth.  Take a look at her site, make your own Google Trek, and submit it to her site!


          It's pretty simple to make a placemarker in Google Maps (or Google Earth, if your district has the bandwidth) and create a virtual field trip!


          Be sure to go to Google Lit Trips to learn about making these virtual field trips!