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    Are WebQuests an Instructional Tool of the Past?

      A week ago, my 2nd grade students and I began a unit on weather.  As I was searching for online resources to get students "engaged",  I eagerly typed in webquests on precipitation.  Yet, I found only a few in which the links no longer opened or connected.  I must admit this has not been the first time in the recent months I have tried to do so.  I believe webquest are a very good introductory tool to invite young students to research, investigate, and apply skills online.  Is my thinking incorrect?  It just seems WebQuest is no longer an instructional technology buzz word.  What do you think?

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          Bonnie Feather



          I agree with you that WebQuests have seemingly gone "out of style" AND that they are great tools for students.  I do think that teachers are still creating activities with some similarities, but they are using other tools.


          For instance, fur.ly is a website which allows you to shorten multiple URLs into one.  When the student then goes to the website, there appears a button at the top of the page, which takes them on to the next websites, one at a time.  There are other tools I've used to do similar things.


          If the educator then provided the student with the documentation to go along with their websites, the search will be completed.  Perhaps it might be a bit easier to create a search this way.


          I've also seen Google Treks (using Google Maps) and Google Lit Trips (using Google Earth) to create placemarkers on a virtual globe, and the placemarkers will contain images, links to websites, engaging questions and so on to lead students through the search, while looking at the globe or map.


          It's an interesting question you ask.


          I look forward to hearing what others think about this...


          and welcome to the community!



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            I really think webquests are a great teaching tool.  I like the way they integrate technology into the learning process.  Granted there may be fewer available now on the web, but a great resource for finding existing webquests or creating your own is at Teachnology.