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    Hot off the press- new research findings in ed tech from US

      Very interesting research findings on ed tech deployments in the US- check it out- do the findings fit with your school experience?

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          Interesting PowerPoint showing the findings. I read with interest how change can and should be happening. The data seems to demonstrate how important a true 1:1 computing environment is. I agree with the challenge of funding such a program nationwide. Putting a 1:1 laptop environment into schools will not automatically provide this kind of a change. As the report indicates, not all 1:1 environments include a strong implementation of the tools in teaching. I suggest in addition to adding the laptops, there is a great need to provide appropriate training for teachers. Teachers need to understand how technologies can help their students, not just have tools given to them that will sit unused.


          Will ProjectRed be providing a version of the Presentation that may be shared and understood by administrators? The data is impressive. I, however, worry that it may overwhelm many administrators. I think these findings may lead to true change in education.


          How will my fellow Intel Teach trained teachers use this data to inform instruction and technology in their schools and districts?