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    Poetry Time

      I am teaching Reading and I have a wiki that my students have started writing poetry in.  rusk poetry

      check it out and tell me what you think if you would like your students on this site please feel free to have them join I will approve them. Let us get the students talking about poetry.

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          Martin - when I tried to go to your poetry link- it didn't work- could you try sharing again?  I am interested in how you set this up with your students.



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              Julia I am sorry you could not get the link too work, try http://ruskelementary.wikispaces.com  once there click on poetry then look at the top and find discussions click on this tab, then you should see different types of poetry.  click on one to read what the students have writen.  To comment you must join wikispaces then join that site.  Once I approve you then you can comment to  my students.

              What I do with my students is to have them log onto this wiki using the log on name and password they already have, then they type in a poem that we did in class.