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    Problem with TwT Seeing Reason

      As I was preparing for a training and working with the Seeing Reason tool, I encountered a problem.  I was working on two different computers with IE on one computer and Chrome on the other and had both the student and teacher open at the same time.  I had the student send a comment in the comment box.  I went to the teacher workspace and opened the tool for the student that was working.  When I tried to add a response to the question, I was told that it was read only and I was unable to send a comment back as long as the student was working on the project.  I was under the impression that the teacher and students were able to send comments to each other while the student was still working.  What am I doing wrong?



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          Although it does seem like it should work that way (where I teacher can respond while a student is working) I'm afraid it doesn't. Namely, the conversation/comments have to occur asynchronously where the student enters a comment and saves it before a teacher (or another student) can reply.

          Hope that helps!


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              Steve, thanks for the information.  Is there anyway it can be made to work?  It seems that the way it is set up, the teacher and student must communicate either face to face during class, or at different time via the tool.  It was my understanding that the comment section was designed so that the student and teacher could communicate during class. 


              Food for thought perhaps.  :-)