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    INTEL Engage Community Course


      As I explored the many resources available in the community, I wondered if anyone has contemplated facilitating trainings on the community and how these and similar resources found in the community can affect learning. Am I way off base . . . what do you think?

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          Gail - great question!  What topics are you interested in?  Right now we just have a webinar on an overview of the community and how to use the group feature.  Are there specifics that you are looking for?

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              I am not thinking of myself, but about the many participants we introduce to the community during trainings.  With all the resources avaialbe, we do not do the community justice.  There is not enough time to do justice to the community during our Essentials, thinking with technology and other courses we share with users. Only a select few are dedicated enough to explore in more detail. Just a thought.

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              Bonnie Feather

              I'm late to the party on this one, but I like the idea, Gail!  I teach many "courses" for local districts, and I do think the community would be a great topic.  It would give a group long enough to explore the many discussions and areas of the sub-communities!  How long do you think it would take to adequately explore the community and take some "play time" to create posts and read links from a variety of discussions?


              I am thinking it would be good to assign several posts to pairs of learners, give them time to explore the links in the assigned posts in a discussion, then do a "debrief" of what they found.  I'd like to encourage them to add their own suggestions to some of the older discussions, or start new discussions!


              Let's continue this line of thinking and see if we can come up with an outline!



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                  Good day Ma,


                  Really appreciate your interest in helping teachers achieve a better of training their students. We have organised a free training in our local and state government schools in our country to support ICT in Education.


                  We like to know how Intel education initiative can be of great benefits to our community and how we can participate in your novel programme.


                  Thank you.




                  Shola Dare



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                    I think using a scavenger hunt approach during a training titled "Essential Resources for Educators" would be a great way to introduce educators to the community.  I could easily use the community as the stating point of my workshops; use particular discussion posts for participants to find that would lead them to other resources I plan to share throughout the training.  I don't know of many educational resources that are not covered in the discussion threads in our community.   

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                      OOh! I like that idea, Bonnie! Thank you!   I've been introducting new community members by inviting them into the community with a specific topic in mind, in my case, one to one computing since most all of my work is centered around it. If we are discussing Internet Safety, I introduce them to the Internet Safety discussions and ask them to post at least one comment and one suggestion, etc. Then I have let them explore. A few weeks ago I was at the Intel online party with the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Deborah and Vanessa and I loved it! It was a great way to introduce folks to the community and helped make me more comfortable with searching the areas, etc.   I can't wait to try all the ideas!


                      The community is invaluable indeed! Perhaps we can collect some of the ideas and place them in a shared document? Sometimes the discussions are very rich but you have to look through all 100 posts and take notes on the suggestions so that you remember!


                      Have a Happy New Year!

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                        I think it would take some time to look at all the different aspects of the community. I like your idea of creating small groups assigning each group to specific topics in the community and then have them report their findings to a larger group.  I would like to think that each group would be assigned an activity to complete.  It could possibly be set up as a carousel. If done right, it could probably turn into a 5+ hour workshop.