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    Managing Student work in a one-to-one envrionment


      How do you manage student work?  Do they turn in paper copies or do they submit everything electronically?  Do you use a Learning Management System(LMS) like Moodle or Blackboard?

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          Julia, even though I'm not in the classroom, several of the teachers that are using one to one that I am working with, are starting to use wikis for their students to upload material.  Most don't have access to Blackboard or Moodle and the wiki is easy and free for the most part.  I think it is what we need to be using even in the traditional classroom.  More electronic posting, less paper and ink and getting the students ready for the real world.  Isn't that what the 21st Century Skills are about.



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            Hi Julia

            According to my teaching experience - not currently a classroom teacher - I've struglled using Blackboards , ink and paper. I had to check students' notebooks most of time and to find place to store them . The blackbpard is awful . I need to wipe it evey time it's full. not to talk about dust that harms my and first line students' eyes. I just will mention one thing of the benifits of using technology . It's " CLEAN ".

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              Greetings Everyone!


              In the Midwest we are using several CMS/LMS to allow students to experience a blended learning environment.  Moodle has been used for 5-7 years in a lot of our schools, but it is so text heavy.  Free alternatives we have been introducing and piloting this past year include EDU2.0, Class.io, Edmodo, Google Wikis and Twiducate for 4th -12 grade students.  The visual presence of each of these programs is more inviting and engaging for the educators and students I am working with to allow for robust online interaction and student ownership in his/her learning.  The learning curve for educators is also minimal and the educators like the ownership and control of the design aspect and delivery of content.


              I am presenting at a Wisconsin 1:1 conference in a few weeks and am working on building a presentation handout of a collection of resources for attendees.  I will share this resource with all of you when I have completed it as well. In the meantime, I truly believe in order for educators to deploy a 1:1 initiative successfully within their schools, they too need to experience a blended learning experience first.  That is why the new Intel Elements online courses of PBA, Assessment and Collaboration are a very strong foundation to build the appropriate content knowledge for educators.  If you have not taken a look at these new courses- please check them out.  Each course contains a rich collection of 21st century resources to support lesson design, assessment and collaboration within an online environment. Here is the link to all of the online courses for your review:  http://www.intel.com/education/elements/


              Thanksgiving and holiday greetings everyone!


              Naomi Harm

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                  Naomi - thanks for the alternatives to Moodle or Blackboard - it is good to know the alternatives that are around.  I also agree, a transition from a technology free to a 1:1 classroom is a huge shift - with so many things to think about from classroom management, to new ways of teaching, to tech support, to internet pluses and minuses - and I agree that the new Elements courses help teachers move from a conventional classroom to a student centered classroom - critical for the successful implementation of 1:1.

                  Looking forward to seeing your set of resources - have a great time at the conference - I seem to remember the last conference we attended together was great

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                  Have a good time at the conference.  I know your presentation will be outstanding.

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                    I will have to co with Naomi and say that I have had a lot of success with google docs. Even creating one document where students can post web based presentations or apps that they have worked on, it makes it easy for me to find and grade, even easier in some ways than blackboard or Moodle, where you have to download each assignment.

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                      I have seen a number of teachers using Evernote to keep track of student work.  In most cases, the teacher has a notebook for each student.  Docs, pics, audio or video files can be added for each student.  After using Evernote with their teacher some students have even started using it on their own to organize for school and life in general.

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                        Many teachers in my district have started using Edmodo for managing student work in a one-one learning environment.   I just read this article about another LMS. I share some of the exact thoughts about Edmodo. Glad someone put it in writing.


                        Edmodo vs Schoology.  Has anyone used Schoology?  What are your thoughts about Edmodo?

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                          More information and support for Schoology as being a good resource for LMS in 1-1 Learning environment.  Also this article shares 10+ apps for turning your iPad into a Collaborative Device


                          10+ Apps for Turning the iPad Into a Collaborative Device -- THE Journal

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                            Teachers need to use what works best for their students.  One needs to evaluate what LMS would work best for them.  Many LMS are becoming more and more user friendly, not only for the teacher but for the student as well. Why spend a lot of money on expensive LMS platforms when the free one might do exactly the same thing.

                            I often think that students are not as stressed when using LMS as what the teachers may be. As with anything, it just takes time to learn the system.  If one doesn't spend time and discover what the LMS offers, then it becomes easy to just say, "It's not appealing or it's too cumbersome." 


                            The more and more that I work within the moodle platform, the more I discover and learn what it really can do.  Themes, folders, files, photo gallery, easy embedding of videos, I'm excited.