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    1:1 and Blended Learning Environments




      There is a lot of discussion in the MidWest in regards to 1:1 and Blended Learning Environments.  There is so much discussion that we have three upcoming conferences focused particularly around these two topics. It appears a lot of the time that the "computer cart" is put before for "educator PD horse." This sends up red flags for me knowing educators are often an afterthought and left out of the conversation when a new technology initiative such as a 1:1 or a blended learning is implemented.


      For this very reason, I submitted a proposal to the Wisconsin 1:1 Conference, Wisconsin SLATE (School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education) Conference and the Wisconsin School Board Convention to share a message on the importance of educating our 21st century educators first and foremost with the appropriate student and educator technology literacy,  21st century skill sets, and assessment best practices- in order to prepare them for this new digital landscape of a 1:1 and blended learning environment.


      In order to prepare for these three presentations, I have created a Google Survey through the Google Form builder to gather background knowledge from each of you who are experts in the of field of study relating 1:1 and blended learning environments.  Could you please take five minutes of your time to take the survey through the provided link to share your voice of expertise to guide my presentation from a global and a K-12 educator's perspective?


      I will share my Intel Engage and Twitter results through this continued discussion thread and attach a rich collection of resources and my final presentation to support your future efforts of implementing and supporting a 1:1 and/or blended learning environment for our students.



      Thank you for your time and effort to make a positive change with school administrators and school board members!


      Naomi Harm

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          Naomi - Thanks for sharing your resources.  I also want to make everyone aware of our sub-community: The specified item was not found. we hope to have lots of discussions and sharing of resources for those that are moving to a one to one computer environment.  Hopefully you will join us there and share your resources.