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    Handling the unexpected in a 1:1 environment


      No matter how well you are prepared technology glitches happen.  In a one-to-one classroom this could have a greater impact. What was a glitch that you ran into and how did you overcome that hurdle?

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          A glitch I came across was rather challenging. The tech who set up the laptops determined that DeepFreeze was needed on the machines. This wonderful program restores a computer to its previous settings whenever it is restarted (removing any saved files, changes to the system, desktop, etc.) Unfortunately this means students cannot save work to work on later. I was able to find some very inexpensive 1GB USB drives at a local computer store. I now keep enough on hand that any student may save work for my class on one of these drives. (This means that there have been no changes in the DeepFreeze settings. I know it is possible to create a "thaw space" where work may be stored and not lost ... this option requires the administrator password to function.)


          Has anyone else dealt with DeepFreeze before? How did you solve similar problems?