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    PISA Results - Amazing results from Shanghai

      This last week the OECD released the results of the PISA.


      The BIG news in the PISA are the results from the Province of Shanghai (the state participated as opposed to the country- but dont be confused- Shanghai  is bigger than many OECD countries w/ 19M people). WOW- they pegged the number one slot in reading, math and science. This is the first time they have participated- but what is clear is that they have high achievement and great equity in achievement. Having been in Shanghai schools many times since 1999 I can say their improvement in the last decade has been incredible- and is a lesson for the world. They have great teachers- and they invest in professional development to make them even better. They have strong reflective learning communities of educator that span across the districts. They have invested in good infrastructure and materials for their classroom. And they have set high expectations for all students to learn.


      Here are other notables from Andreas Schleicher, the head of PISA  "We have seen impressive gains ... Chile provides an example. In 2000, Chile performed so low that you would not even see it on this chart. 9 years later the performance of 15-year-olds was roughly a school year better. A major overhaul of Poland’s school system helped to dramatically reduce performance variability among schools, turn around the lowest performing schools and raise overall performance by the equivalent of more than half a school year. So is Portugal, which improved both overall performance and equity. "  …" also, in Mathematics impressive improvements have been realised by Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Germany."


      Attached is the full report