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    Unit Plan Ideas

    Bonnie Feather

      When I am leading groups of PT and MT candidates, they sometimes have a hard time deciding on a topic for their Unit Plan. There are lots of ideas they explore in the process, through the Unit Plan index, but this can be overwhelming for many.


      After the course is completed, the Community is a great resource, but I thought perhaps it would be useful for us to create a specific area to post ideas we have to share with others.  These will be less developed than the full-blown Unit Plans in the index, thus giving us all an opportunity to spring off the ideas.


      So, here's my idea to get us started.  I did post it in another discussion about creating Problem Creators, not just Problem Solvers. 


      I saw an article in a recent Smithsonian Magazine (you can read it online here)  titled "There Was an App for That."  It goes through a few imaginary apps which could have been used at various points in history.  Though these are more esoteric and generalized than I believe I would use in a classroom, I looked past the tongue-in-cheek tone and thought about this being a great activity for students!


      Imagine having students write in their class a detailed description of an app for Android, iPhone, or iPad (even traditional computer) which would have been useful to anyone at any point in history!


      Math class students could describe an app which could have helped out Descartes, Pythagoras, or Bernoulli.


      How about an app for poets they are studying in literature classes?


      Social Studies/ history: a mobile app for the Vikings or Lewis & Clark!


      These ideas lead me to some interesting CFQ's! What do they bring to your mind?


      This seems to me to fit into students taking on and practicing the roles of not only the historical person within a real event, about which the student will need to learn a great amount of contextual information and make some inferences, but also the role of the creator of a solution! 


      Does this sound like a useful idea?  You could even go to the point where kids develop an android app (the software is easily available) if you had students eager to go that deeply into the process!



      Be sure to reply to this discussion with ideas that come to you over the next few months...I can't wait to see all the fun we can have!

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          Bonnie Feather

          I just got my first Android phone, so I downloaded a "QR" scanner app.  Eager to learn more about it, I turned to the community here to see if others have been figuring out how to use it in the classroom.  Sure enough, here is a link to some ideas in another discussion with some cool ideas for using it. 


          In particular, Naomi Harm has described a personal experience with children using their cell phones and QR apps- on Christmas Eve!  She goes on to mention several ideas she has for classroom use.  Read her post in the above discussion by clicking here

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            Bonnie, I don't know if this goes in this thread or not, but wanted to share it with the community.  I got this from Lillian Hritz in an email this morning.  It's from a site called "The Electric Company".  Verizon Thinkfinity has a special contract with The Electric Company® an Emmy® Award-winning multi-media literacy experience designed to bridge the literacy gap among 6-to-9-year old struggling readers.


            As a music major, this link really caught my attention.  But, I also thought that it is a great idea to throw out there.  Maybe there are some budding young video producers that could incorporate music and language arts into a unit plan of some sort.  Actually, you could create the music and present material from most curriculum areas. 


            Here is the link to the "Silent E"  video.  http://thinkfinity.org/anthem-silent-e-video





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