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    Tell Me an Intel Logo Story!

      I was looking around my house and realized that I possess quite a few items with Intel logos (cups, shirts, flashdrives, laptop case etc.). My question to you ...what is your favorite Intel logo memory and share a picture. I am sure that Alison Elmer with love this one because she is the keeper of the look of the logo. My favorite memory involves my dog Lili. She is probably the most famous dog in educational technology in Louisiana (don't get upset Vanessa Jones because I know you are very competitive with dog stories). Lili is named after a librarian state initiative that I created and she is in all of my presentations so many teachers know Lili but may not know me. Lili is quite the character...she is best known for stealing memory cards, chasing opossums, winning a digital camcorder - yeah a dog won and she even attended the first TwT in La ( she was locked in a office but made a prison break and ran through the training (she dodged everyone but was caught while trying to eat food out of Lola Potier's purse...LOL)). Okay... so let me get to my Intel logo story. I love my Intel fleece jacket but so does Lili - CRAZY but true. If I take it off and she sees it then she drags it into her dog crate. I have gone days looking for it and she is cuddling up to that Intel logo. I am including my picture with Lili and the jacket - You can't see her couch blanket which is right next to the jacket but she always goes straight to that jacket. I think Intel would make a mint if they would produce dog jackets - I would be the first to buy one and then maybe Lili would leave mine alone. Share your Intel logo story and don't forget to include a pic. Let's have some fun with this thread!

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          Good thread Susan. Okay here is a picture of PJ working on her Essentials Course Unit plan. She is searching for new Web 2.0 tool to include on her wiki.


          I used to collect the different Intel gadgets, but decided they would be of better use in a classroom instead of my closet.  I hope we get to play "What is it?" at the Summit. There are so many cool gadgets that Intel produces, but most of the time, I have no idea what they are. It is great they come with directions.



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            LOL....Have you ever used an Intel logo as a directional guide. Another logo story - Steve Andrews used one of the Intel shirts as a flag to direct folks at the OR STEM training to his house for a fabulous meal. Check out this pic!

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              What a funny thread! I hope more people have stories--it seems I should have one but I am drawing a blank right now (other than I think it is funny that many people think the Intel workers in their bunny suits are astronauts). I will think on this and add if I remember one.


              The pictures are adorable! Maybe we can arrange an incentive product for all the dog lovers out there


              Also, this could be expanded to have folks upload a picture that shows some sort of Intel gear or trinket in an amusing way--contrived but still could be very funny. Come on Vikki C.--you got to have something along this line...

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                santa 034.JPGOK..I know there has to be some great logo photos and stories..esp after Summit. I had a funny logo story that happened to me this week. I was going to the YMCA for zumba class with my sister and niece. I had on one of the free Intel logo shirts from the Great Intel Shirt Giveaway. I had a couple of the shirts and I now know that my sister snagged one...how did I find out? She showed up for the class with it on...OH NO ...twinkie twins! Yes, there were 2 Intel shirts working the Zumba class...LOL! One lady stopped and asked why we had matching shirts and my sister blurted out "This is our softball uniform!" What? Who plays softball in January?? I think she just panicked and didn't know what to say. I am still wondering why she didn't just say that we were Intel educators...which we are! I made her take a pic with me before we left the gym (I am the pretty one). Check out your local gym cause you never know where the logo may pop up! Anyone else seen an Intel logo out and about? Please share.