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    2011 Technology Bytes and Tidbits


      With the new year comes a new threaded discussion on technology bytes and tidbits.  What new contributions can you add to jazz up this technology topic to share best practices with a new tool, discovered resource, or a professional journal that you would love to share?

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          I just shared this in the science resources thread but possibly others could use it too.  I have been updating my tools and I found the Google  BodyBrowser (http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com),  which you can use to examine a highly detailed set of systems in the  human body. It is Google Earth on the body. Check it out and let us know how you can use this tool in your classroom or trainings? PS: You probably will need an updated browser

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            Hey Naomi:

            For a number of years, I have solely recommended 3 or 4 text-to-speech programs; however, I just came across a relatively new Web site that will do the same thing online but of course without the need to install anything.  Read the Words does a good job. Here is a description of it: This site features text to speech with a variety of voices.  This site allows a teacher to download papers and exams into Read the Words.  This site can also read many documents such as websites, Publisher, and Word.  Students can use this website to have any text read to them, and it is very easy to learn to use.  The website does an excellent job at describing the function of the tutorial as well as audible pronunciation.You can even catch a Youtube video to see how to use it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BezIRHR2PwM. I think this is another tool that few teachers would see and not want to use with both his regular and  special needs students for many reasons.

            • Operator - Around - used in Google search

              I was at an inservice today and my friend and I were reading blogs and we ran across this...  http://suefrantz.com/2010/12/06/google-around/ - an interesting way to search for plagiarised material. I have never used this operator but have you? Has it been successful?