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    Seeing Reason Portfolio Problem

      When creating a SR map, I have been creating the map, saving, adding to the portfolio, closing the map, logging back in, adding factors and relationships, saving, etc.  When I go to the teacher workspace and look at the map, when I click at look at all the maps in this portfolio, I only see the last one that was created.   What am I missing here?


      I have been using Chrome and will check to see if that is a problem.  Thanks for your help.



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          I went in and did a test using FF with a Mac and the same thing happened. I saved the portfolio 3 different times and only the last one saved shows up.  I can't remember if it has always been like this, but I always use see all maps for this team, if I want to demo how this feature works.  Hope this helps.



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              Vanessa, I used FF and got a message to allow pop-ups or not--so I did.  After that, I found the different versions in the portfolio.  I just now tried again, and the different variations were still available.  I have been using Chrome for my browser but can't seem to find the window to turn off the pop-up blockers.  I checked the preferences window, but there is nothing there.  Does anyone know how to do that?  Has anyone else been having problems with Chrome?




              PS.  I was using my Mac as well.


              PSS  I just tried it on my PC using IE7 and it worked fine.  I'm guessing it's a pop-up issue with Chrome. 

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              Yes, you are correct. To view more than one map engages the pop up blocker so those need to be turned off. In my case, I had several pop up blockers from different applications I had to disable. In Chrome, it is a small white square with an x in it--click on that to disable for Chrome. Thanks for posting this question so others can help and learn! (Tip for all: make sure to tag these types of conversations so others can find them--in this case Seeing_Reason, SR, tools, pop_up_blocker---as examples)


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