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    A Lesson in Community


      The Engage Community could be a workshop in itself.  Consider how wonderful it is to teach blogging in education, collaborating on documents, book studies, etc.  If you were to teach the engage community as a workshop, what tips, benefits, and or activities would you include and how would you present them to your participants?

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          Gail - I think this is a great question - and we need to see what other group members are doing and encourage them to contribute and expand this discussion.


          I see a webinar as a perfect way to deliver and share information on the Teachers Engage community. In fact - go to Webinars and Events. You will see that there are two webinars that might help share some of what you are looking for. An overview of the community and then how to use the group feature.


          If there are additional ideas I would love to work with people to create a webinar around their needs and provide more resources on using the community.

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              The Intel engage community is the best place to go not only for one self but also guiding out MT/PT to view resources and content.And peopel working at the   back end  are really to be applauded.they are doing a wonderful job.

              I have learnt how to use  comics in my lessons, introduction of the sticky notes is a good idea,My MT also liked the wordle ,and use of comics in their lessons.


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              Hi Gail, I did a quick search to see what other threads we have in community on this topic and found the following that might be helpful to others that come across this thread.


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              Some of my top tips:

              • The foundations of wikis, sharing, blogging, PLNs, just in time PD all rolled into one spot
              • Support for Intel teacher professional development programs
              • A place to facilitate your own educator training group (you can use for any educator training, not just Intel's)
              • A place to carve out your own niche as it relates to the 21st century classroom
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                  One important thing to factor in also is how this could translate into the classroom and using a similar community with students to facialitate and engage learning!  I think the next conference that I present will be on the community!