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    Across the Globe


      I am currently in a graduate school class where we are focusing on collaborating with teachers from other countires.  I am hoping that if you are a member of the Engage Community and you are an educator outside of the US that you will consider working with me to draw comparisons between the US schools and those in your county.  Would any of you be interested in participating? If so, please respond so that I can begin this dialogue with you.  Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Amber:
          I am a Costa Rican professor who works for the Intel Teach Program for Central America as Senior Teacher. We currently do not work directly in a school, but as Senior Teacher I know several teachers from different countries, I believe, would love to participate in discussions with you. Give me a chance and get in touch with you. Good luck and success in this exchange of ideas.



          Jacqueline Arroyo

          Web Content LAR

          Intel Teach Program

          Costa Rica

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              Thanks, Jacqueline!  I have sent come information to your email address which may help you in this effort.  I am really hoping to build a professional learning community between teachers in other countries so that we can help one another help the students of our world.  Thanks for your willingness to share in this effort.  I appreciate your support.


              Amber McMillan

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