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    Hot Gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

      There was so much buzz about the show on twitter. Did you follow any of the products? What gadgets from the trade show made your list of must of haves?


      I fell in love with the high speed printer...yeah that's right...a printer! New printer technology has moved passed our beloved inkjet and laser. Memjet has created an inkjet that will allow a desktop printer to print one pg per sec in color and at a low cost...GET OUT! The print head of the printer does not move back and forth but it is stationary and scans the page. The printer will be out this yr for about $600.

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          Susan- I didn't follow the buzz on Twitter- but I have been reading some of the stories that have come out from the show - check out the following:

          of course there are others- but I think these two did a nice job summing things up.  I too am curious what others think and what you think will be the next thing to catch on.

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            Thanks Julia - OK so here are some cool items I found from reading some articles...


            Blackberry Playbook http://us.blackberry.com/playbook-tablet/ - Like a small iPad (7 in) and has multitasking - super FAST and can be slipped into your pocket - out in the spring


            Beamz - about $200 - musical instrument - make music with laser beams http://thebeamz.com/ - available NOW


            Nintendo 3DS - 3D gaming without glasses - out in March


            Motorola Atrix Phone - Neatest feature is the Atrix's docking ability. Atrix can dock into the "Motorola Lapdock," a brainless  11.6-inch, 2.4-lb laptop which uses a special "Webtop" app to provide a full screen, keyboard, speakers, and 2 USB ports for the Atrix's abilities. The dock has 8 hours of battery life.


            LOVE this one - VERY small projector (1.6 lbs) you can carry in your pocket - Vivitek Qumi Projector about $500  - http://www.projectorcentral.com/Vivitek-Qumi.htm


            Would you like to have any of these items...if so then could you use them in your classroom? Let us know your ideas.

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                Susan - you asked an excellent question.


                I personally would like to have five of the Vivitek Qumi Projectors for my classroom. I can envision students creating presentations (obviously self-selecting their tool of choice). These students would then have a "Sharing Session." We would rotate between who is presenting so others may walk the room and provide feedback to their peers. This could then lead into a student-led conference with parents. I can also see some students using these to share their "Science Fair Projects." I would much more enjoy a student's "Self-Selected Presentation" over the typical 3 way folded science fair board.


                Can other teachers explain how they could use multiple Vivitek Qumi Projectors in their classroom? Inquiring minds want to know.