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    Asnwers of different Module of INTEL training.

      Module 3

      1.  How do I ensure that students meet standards- and meet enough of them to make an effort worthwhile -in open-ended activities and projects?

      2.  If students are in charge of their own learning, how will we be sure they learn what is important?

      3.  How do I ensure accountability when students are working in groups?

      ANS 1) I ensure that the aim, objective and instruction should be design before starting the activity/ project. Every individual should be know it correctly. They should be monitored as well.

      ANS 2) The proper guideline and outline of the topic should be given to them. In this case as well they should be monitored.

      ANS 3) Work should be divided properly to them. Proper checking and monitoring are also there while they are working.


      Module 4

      Q1) What type of teaching and assessment tools can be made with the help of a word processing software? How do these tools make you more productive and organized as a teacher?

      Q2) How can you motivate students to make use of the iterative cycle (plan-do-review-share) for completion of specific tasks?

      Q3) While showcasing an activity / task, how can students act as critical friends for their peers? How can students benefit from the feedback received from peers?


      Ans1. We can insert a colourful diagram and label them beautifully. We can also make assessment sheet, Worksheet, Report Card, Certificate, Curriculum Plan, Quiz, Soft board matter, Handouts etc easily there which will be very attractive for students and they will enjoy it in class room.

      Ans2. We can motivate them by telling their qualities and appreciate them during work. By giving proper written instructions we can monitor them.

      Ans3. Student might be ask frustrating questions but teacher have to guide and counsel them that this is the time to learn from their fellows by asking positive/productive questions and all students are here to learn rather than to make fun of them and try to learn new techniques from them. In that way they will learn more and enjoy showing their work.


      Module 6

      Q1) How can you encourage your students to make use of multimedia resources to enhance their learning?

      Q2) In what ways do multimedia skills prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century workplace?


      Ans1. If we give them task to make any presentation on multimedia and fix extra marks for it and guide them about its benefits that it attract the audience quickly and attractively so they will like to do work on multimedia.

      Ans2. In 21st century, professional people are working on multimedia. Our students must know new technology gradually in that way they will fight with new challenges easily. So when they will enter in professional workplace they will already to meet the challenges.


      Module 8

      Q1) How have you utilized spreadsheets in your teaching to date?

      Q2) After completing this module, for what additional tasks / purposes do you intend to use spreadsheets?


      ANS 1) I have used it for making student grade book, course work assessment sheet, different column charts etc.
      ANS 2) I would use it to make pictograph on it for student.


      Module 10

      Q1) Change is an important aspect of our everyday life. How would you replace the traditional (tried and trusted) teaching methods with the 21st century approaches to make the teaching and learning more effective?

      Q2) How do you take change in your life? Do you accept it or resist it?


      Ans1) I would use the student centered approaches to make the teaching and learning more effective because it is the latest and beneficial way to teach students and we would get effective result by it.

      Ans2) I would like to accept the change in my life because in that way i get new energy to do any work.Module 3: Meeting Standards in a Student-centered Classroom