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    School Community Service Projects


      As I was reading the discussion Math Hopscotch I got thinking about other volunteer opportunities that can help the schools.


      So what are community service projects that have happened at your school either by Parent organizations or student clubs?  Could they be easily replicated at other schools? Did it have a positive impact?


      What are some projects that you would like to see done at your school?  Maybe our community can share their thoughts on how to get things started. 

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          We have your typical beta club that does the recycling, toys for tots etc but we also enrichment clubs for students. One of the coolest clubs (in my opinion) is the running club. It isn't really volunteer work but they are using the girls on the run curriculum where they learn about being healthy and building self confidence. The sponsor has also gotten the staff on board by forming teams for local races. She provides individualized training programs for all the teachers...I'll be in the next race. It so great to have have fun outside of work and donate our race fees to a great cause. Does anyone else have community service projects or really cool projects which can be implemented in other schools.

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              I had not heard of the Girls On the Run program before your post. It is encouraging to know schools are providing opportunities for girls in this area. Is there an opportunity for parents to participate? Having parents and teachers participate along with the girls creates an environment of support for everyone. I wish this program existed at the school where our lab is located.

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              Our students used to be involved in the Meals on Wheels program. The students would make special placemats and arrangements to go with the meals that were delivered to provide a little sunshine. We also had access to a van sometimes so the students would go and spend some time with the people that receive the meals. Our special ed students loved it and so did the people that they visited.

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                One of the teachers I train in eMINTS has a science class who is trying to raise $3,000 to build a well in Africa (through World Vision I believe). When I was visiting his class last week the kids were generating ideas to raise the money by doing community service activities (instead of trying to sell magazines, candy, etc).  Part of the list they generated included:


                Babysitting for kids on a Saturday so parents could have a night out

                Yard work

                Cleaning houses for the elderly

                Walking dogs

                car wash

                Family "movie night" at the school

                rummage sale

                shovel snow

                bag groceries at the grocery store


                I'll keep you posted if I hear of more ideas.

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                  OK, I am now so excited! I have been thinking about this post when a grant opportunity came across my desk and I decided to write to create a digital storytime for a local elementary school and  an assistive living center. Our beta club goes out to one of our feeder elementary schools to read stories ...well...hopefully we will get a grant to buy color nooks to kick it up a notch. There are so many elementary books and magazines which I think will be perfect for this project. It is also difficult for a middle school student to talk to an elderly person they do not know so we will break the ice with the nook. Any other cool ideas out there? I would love to write some more grants!

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                    My School is near a Retirement Home and next year I want my class to help to 'document' and record some of their memories and recollections.  The partnership would be great for them and my Freshmen.  I hope that they can conduct video/audiotaped interviews that can be shared with their families.  This partnership will help to strengthen community relations, provide the elderly with opportunities to share and allow my students to be news producers and broadcasters.